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Innocent my ass!
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Go somewhere else and we will both be happy!
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We probably won't get along if you don't agree with me, but if you do.
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You fuckers want a lesson in basic biology?
No matter how much bullshit, there are only two genders in homo sapians. Anything else is a matter of you being a god damn attention whore.
Undertale controversy meme
Favorite Character:Requested Duo Icon Toriel (And Alphys) TorielRequested Duo Icon Toriel (And Alphys)
Honestly, I think this is one of the only few characters I can really feel sympathy for. Not only did they lose two children in one day, her husband gave up pacifism in a heartbeat and went out to try to wipe out all of humanity. And to top it off, she's the one I see getting the least amount of sympathy.
Not to mention, she's a precious cinnamon roll and the true pacifist ending where you chose to stay with her is precious.
Despised Character:Muffet Icon MuffetMuffet Icon
Of all characters being called out for dick moves, why the fuck does nobody bring up Muffet?!
You know, the spider who not only sells pastries made of her own kind, not only has no problem swindling monsters out of their money and not only trying to kill you if you don't buy one of her overpriced pastries, but having no problem just killing off monsters to sell them as pastries. She's probably the sickest fuck in the game. Well, she's definitely up there, considering...
Overrated Characters:Chara icon Asriwell Asgore IconChara, Asriel and AsgoreAsgore IconAsriwellChara icon
You know, if Muffet didn't be so openly admit to selling her own kind (and selling other monsters and that) These three will also have taken it. And let's face it, most, if not all of the hardship they have to deal with are there faults.
Asgore for turning to murder in a heartbeat all because of his children died (but he surprisingly didn't when several hundred other monsters died in the war)
Asriel for going with Chara's (admittedly very stupid) plan
and Chara for coming up with this stupid plan (and she's also kind of a hypocrite since she has the audacity to ask if Frisk is above consequences, when, to my knowledge, has received no consequences for what she's done pre-game)
Underrated Character: The Snowdin Shopkeeper (the fact that she doesn't have any icons and she's the only one without a name really drives my point home doesn't it?)
I'll be honest, she's probably one of my favorite shopkeepers in the game. She really helps drive in the warm, calming feeling of Snowdin Town (not to mention, the sass)
Funniest Moment:Ring Ring cell phone Every cellphone momentRing Ring cell phone
This damn cellphone brings some damn funny moments in the game.
From Papyrus and Undyne's comments on certain sections to Alphys' little tweets interrupting the game but, honestly the cake goes to Toriel, especially at the end where she found out about texting.
If you've ever showed an older person texting, it's pretty damn accurate. Learning about emoticons, texting back to fix typos, forwarding chainmail etc.
Saddest Moments:Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plzThe fact people think those three idiots are innocentRainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plz
You see where I put that arrow. People are honestly saying these three idiots were innocent, when:
Asgore, who just came up with a plan to wipe out all humans in a heartbeat (and still fool every other monster he's still totally innocent)
Asriel (and by extension) for poisoning Asgore (and yes, I am holding that against them, they would have had to be braindead to think that would ever be a good idea)
As for Chara, while it's true that Chara shouldn't technically be held responsible for the shit they have done in Genocide due to her being soulless (You can thank :iconcallisto81896: for informing me on that) but what she's done before, (you know, killing her brother and endangering the lives of both humans and monsters even more) I can definitely blame her for that.
Favorite Theme:Mettaton Icon Every theme from MettatonMettaton Icon
Is there one theme from this robot that wasn't catchy as hell?
Metal Crusher
Death By Glamour
That theme before the gameshow, which I don't remember the name too.
They really had this awesome tang to them.
Favorite Battle:Mettaton is hyped for the show Mettaton's QuizMettaton is hyped for the show
I know it's not technically a battle, but...screw you, I'm counting it anyway.
I just think it's funny...the end
But no, I wouldn't mooch a ghost, thank you very much
Favorite Ship:
Requested Duo Icon Toriel (And Alphys)Toriel and SansSans Drop Pop candy Duo Icon
Why do so many people hate this ship? They have a lot in common, they both love puns, they actually showed a tiny bit of chemistry near the end of true pacifist. They seem right for eachother
Despised Ship:Requested Duo Icon Toriel (And Alphys)Toriel and AsgoreAsgore Icon
Yep, here's the ship I don't get why so many people love.
One thing that can really make me enjoy a ship is if I feel like the two would be happy together. Something one clearly isn't. Hell, Toriel left Asgore (and let's face it I would to) and shown to sign of ever wanting to have him back. So why would anyone support this?!
Overall favorite moment: The True Pacifist credits and ending
Just look at how sweet Tori is. It's beautiful
Favorite Non-Boss enemies:Doggo Icondogamy and dogaressa pixel iconLesser dogGreater Dog IconSnowdin Canine Patrol.Doggo Icondogamy and dogaressa pixel iconLesser dogGreater Dog Icon
I just love all of these guys. Mainly because I love dogs. Just look at those sweet boys.
Vegans are terrible

About time I talk about the people who make me want to order the double at McDonaldsl,
A.K.A. melodramatic, whiny sons-of-bitches who act like animal products are worse than Hitler
"BAww don't eat meat, it's animal cruelty"
Okay, I made up that last one but would it surprise you if a vegan actually said that?
They're dumb enough to fall for it too, I bet.

I do love animals, but I also love eating meat. Yeah, animals have to die for it, but honestly...

I don't really give a shit as long as it's tastes good.

So screw you all, I'm going to KFC then drown a couple of kittens just to spite you animal rights jackasses!
WAH Somon was mean I hate this gam cuz they lik it
You fucking babies, really? This is god damn pathetic!

Hating a game, show, whatever because of it's fan base is one of the most pathetic things I ever saw.

It makes you look whiny, it's no reason to hate it and let's face it, it's jut plain bias.

If you're honestly one of the people who do that, do us ll a favor and grow the fuck up!
How brain dead are you?
Of all the things people can be arguing about, they argue over this?

The Earth is round, it's been proven round over 2,000 years ago by ancient Romans.

There is so much to prove it's round, the horizon, the stars.

And people still believe this shit?

Do you people believe in Zeus too? Do you believe in unicorns, Atlantis, the fucking wage gap?

Because they ain't fucking real. We disproved them so many fucking years ago! JUST FUCKING STOP! Science cannot take much more anal rape. It suffered enough after the "There are more than two genders" bullshit.
...never getting that out of your head.


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This is my earnest and honest belief on everything.

So yeah, go ahead and call me whatever you want. Racist, sexist, a homophobe, a transphobe, the next Hitler. I've heard em all. And I'd rather stay true to myself and beliefs than mold myself for others.
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